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Our services

Website Design

The website is the first touch point for customer interaction. In order to make sure that the first impression is the best one, we hire the best in industry designers and developers that work on building and managing interface of the website. The clear, concise and attractive layout as according to relevant industry is our expertise.


Digital Marketing

The A1DigitalSolutions is top of the mind alternative for all. We know the best practices and are aware of the changing trends of digital arena, keeping technicalities in mind when marketing anywhere. So whether it is blog, social media, search engine or third party site, the best result is generated in limited budget.


Web Hosting & Emails

We have tailored web hosting and email solution for individuals and businesses alike. The single page hosting is sufficient for personal web pages while the complex sites require database support and application development platforms. We have expertise on technical side of website accessibility and emailing mechanism, knowing the appropriate way to manage it. 


Logo Design

Logo is the reflection of brand and is the shortest way to define business individuality. A-1 Digital Solutions provide logo design solution that is easy to comprehend yet creative enough to have better recall. The right combination of graphics and text is matched with color scheming for creating masterpiece.  


Web Application

We have command on web application development, having specialization not limited to ASP.NET, Wordpress, PHP, HTML, Python, Ruby. This boasts functionality of front-end, back-end, database, admin panel and APIs of our client’s website, making real-time money. No matter your business is based on entertainment, education, travel, e-commerce or any other category we are the best solution.


Mobile Applications

The handheld devices have made mobile application development crucial for survival. Our experience in native and cross platform comes because of interaction with different types of clients. We are passionate about technology that makes our applications feature-rich easily measurable with stability and security edges. Mobile Application is solution for iOS, Window and Android platform.


Welcome to A1DigitalSolutions Inc

Ground Breaking Success in the field of website designing, web development, mobile application development, SEO/PPC and digital marketing services is not a dream for us.

We offer comprehensive solution to our clients, no matter what the nature of business is.

Matching Creativity with Expertise

The mix of creativity and expertise makes each business we support into a brand with niche. We start off with understanding needs of our customers and ends at implementing successful strategy. We make sure that the need of customer is known to us and our employees can come up with master pieces to create magic. The raw idea is converted into something unique in short.

Our Secrets to Succeed

There are many undisclosed phenomenon on technical side. In easy terms the first step is to identify the unique selling proposition of the business. We invest enough time to sit back with client and work close enough. Then we match the blueprint given by client with the year of expertise we bring in the domain. After mutual agreement we implement the strategy devised together with our client.

Team Work

Team Work

We strongly believe in team work, bringing experts of designing, development and marketing on board. We give our team free hand to thing unique and create magic. We understand that united we can stand well to meet challenges. So the marketers, designers and developers all play their individual role in the making project successful. It can be seen through our office atmosphere even. 

Continuous Learning

The continuous learning from our experiences and that of others is the essence to our success that we blend with technology updates. We are up to date with everything from Google algorithm to latest development tools. For that vigorous training and meet ups with technical staff is a regular practice. It is because of this the success ratio is 100% while the satisfaction ratio is 110 %.

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